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13386 / 13778

Three blades in one peeler, simple to switch from one to another by rotating the knob. Smooth continuous action with our Japanese blades option. Blades consists of 1-regular, 2-soft skin and 3-julienne.

Apple Corer

One easy action the core is gone, a plunger within the corer to dispense of the apple-core. Quick and simple leaves plenty of time for your other cooking steps.

Egg Slicer in a Box

Easy as magic with this egg box, just place a unshelled hard boiled egg and in a simple step it quarter, slice horizontally or vertically, wedge or dice. What's more lifting out the egg with no mess.

Soft-food Handy Slicer

No thinking, no fingers, just 3 easy steps to slice eggs, strawberries, mushrooms and bananas and even ripe kiwi fruit. Open, place and close, that??s it!


Please come along and visit us or arrange to meet at one of these fairs.

Chicago Housewares Show 2016
March 5-8, 2016
Booth# S5031

Hong Kong Housewares Fair 2016
Apr 20-23 2016
World of Fine Dining

Booth # IC-A12

Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair 2016
Apr 27-30, 2016

Hall 1 - isle of originality
Booth# 1E - F31

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